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The Sessions

We start with an initial one hour consultation where we discuss your desired outcome and how you would like your life to be different at the end of your therapy.  After a brief discussion about your background, we will then cover the science behind how solution focused therapy works. It is definitely not magic  - it is just a safe and relaxing therapy.

Subsequent sessions involve a discussion on setting goals and trance work where you will safely relax and focus on yourself. There is also a relaxation audio to listen to between sessions that is part of the program.

Sessions last about 50-55 minutes, with the exception of a 'Stop Smoking' session, which is a single 2 hour treatment. All sessions are offered in English and currently take place remotely so you can engage from the safety and comfort of your own home.

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Initial Consultation


Session Rate

£85.00 per hour


Stop Smoking 2 Hour Session

£120.00 with a £50.00 deposit required when booking

Corporate packages and programmes are available on request

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